One question. How?


  1. Edit the About page and the Contact page.
  2. Edit this page and delete everything, then add some more descriptive text.

Video tutorials:

  • Examples of Wikidot sites
  • Signing in and out
  • Starting a new site
  • Tour of site templates
  • Editing a page, basic actions
  • Editing a page, basic wiki syntax
  • Uploading and showing a photo
  • Creating pages and links
  • Tour of wiki syntax
  • Managing your site, basics
  • Managing your site, more advanced
  • Tour of site manager
  • Using a custom domain
  • Permissions
  • Using a different external theme
  • CSS editing basics
  • Adding a logo to your site
  • CSS editing advanced
  • Using categories
  • Live templates
  • ListPages basics
  • ListPages advanced
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